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Super Hero for a Day (click to view all responses)

There are so many Super Heroes we see on TV/ Movies or read about in books. They all have special powers and solve lots of problems. Imagine that you had the chance to become a Super Hero for a day, who would you want to be? and what would you do? Post your response and see what others want to do.

 MSB   13277 Views   | 475 Replies Date: 2016-10-02  |
I want to become a doctor and I like biology subject it mean science it is about plants, animals ,earth,surroundings.our class teacher is p.s. Revathi man she will explain for us clearly. She will show perform for our understanding
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Which is your favourite sport and why? (click to view all responses)

Sports help us stay fit, learn skills like group work, strategy, planning etc. Not everyone likes the same sport, though. Tell us which is your favourite sport and why.

 MSB   13247 Views   | 321 Replies Date: 2016-09-08  |
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Arts or Science? (click to view all responses)

There has always been a fight about what is more important - Science or Art. What according to you is more important? Type in your views and see how is winning it?

 MSB   7482 Views   | 204 Replies Date: 2016-09-03  |
Science is more important nowadays. And also like science. Science is the part of our human life. Everyday we depend on science there is no science we can't know anything . Science have three types I know that only. one physics,two chemistry ,three biology so science is more important in our life
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Quality of life (click to view all responses)

Everything around is changing pretty fast because of technology. The question that comes up is "has the quality of life increased or decreased because of technology?". Type in your views and debate with students from across the world.

 MSB   6983 Views   | 161 Replies Date: 2016-08-25  |
Nowadays living luxurious life and quality life. Day by day all things are changing technology improved across the world. Education is improved by this education all get employed and improve their technologies and all things thank you.
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The best thing about My School (click to view all responses)

Every school is special. Each school has its own uniqueness. What makes your school special? What is it that makes any school special? Enter your views and have a healthy discussion.

 MSB   19489 Views   | 604 Replies Date: 2016-08-08  |
All schools are temples and all teachers are gods and goddesses. My school is Sri Chaitanya. My school has made on uniform and strict rules it can change our students displain. My school has take prevention to healt I love my school and I prayed my school ??????????
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Which is your favourite subject and why? (click to view all responses)

You are taught different subjects in your school. No one likes all the subjects equally. Everyone has a favourite subject. What is your favourite subject and why is it your favourite? Write your views and discuss with other students in this debate.

 MSB   39318 Views   | 716 Replies Date: 2016-06-19  |
My favourite subject is "Biology." Biology is very interesting subject ever. Biology is one of the subjects in science , ofcourse science is a very interesting subject which is related to our life and daily activities. Many interesting topics will be introduced in the science. Among all the subjects related to science I like biology because it tells about the different functions performed in our body by which our body performed different activities. It will be very interesting to know about our body functions, right? And that is why I like biology. One more interesting topic in biology is about the nature. When you try to know about the nature you fell very anxious about it to know. For every action in this nature there is a big process to be done behind it. The huge world is made by a small , minute organisms which are the basic unit of life. And even such minute cells performs different functions which we cannot image! All these will be very interesting to know about the organisms in the world and their functions and that is why biology is my favourite subject.
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Best quality in any friend (click to view all responses)

We are sure you have a lot of friends. What is the best quality in any friend? (example: honesty, loyalty, helping nature etc.)

 MSB   17768 Views   | 433 Replies Date: 2016-05-08  |
Hi this is vaishnavi and we all have friends but all are not our best friends we choose only one member from them as our best friend for me that best friend is reshma she has a very good helping nature.and she is very loyal to me. So for me this is the best quality in any friend.
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Role of Internet in Education (click to view all responses)

Internet is playing a very important role in Education. Do you think it has a positive impact or a negative impact? Pour in your views and discuss with students from across the world. It is a great opportunity to learn and share your views.

 MSB   13964 Views   | 300 Replies Date: 2016-02-12  |
In our modern days now Internet is playing whital role in our a days each and every thing going under internet.I have only positive thought about education in is easy way to understand the topic.and in only one small memory card they are many choices and options to choose about need to carry books. if we catch one laptop it is enough,now in lots of school they are using only this method .I felt very happy after listening this news thank you
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Are uniforms needed in school? (click to view all responses)

Every school has an uniform, but do you think the uniform is needed? You can either support or oppose. Write your views and debate.

 MSB   22552 Views   | 403 Replies Date: 2015-11-01  |
Each and every school must have uniforms. Nowadays there are caste based relations among people. If all school students wear uniform one cannot determine which caste he belongs to. Uniform means the dress belonging to same style. Uniform is needed in every school. All are equal in the school and uniform must be worn when we are in the school. Some members think why is uniform needed? But it is wrong. There are many uses of wearing uniform.Uniforms also raise students' expectations of themselves. When dressed neatly and seriously, students tend to behave seriously. Often teachers find calmer, more polite, more attentive students. Students seem to feel more confident in the way they look, and so they have more confidence in themselves.What are the benefits of school uniforms? School uniforms may deter crime and increase student safety. ... School uniforms keep students focused on their education, not their clothes. ... School uniforms create a level playing field among students, reducing peer pressure and bullying. ... Wearing uniforms enhances school pride, unity, and community spiritWhy it is important to wear a school uniform? A school uniform teaches students to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance. ... Perhaps most importantly, a uniform means students don't have to worry about peer pressure when it comes to their clothes. When everyone is dressed the same, worrying about what you look like isn't so important.Does wearing uniforms affect students? Dress codes limit clothing options while school uniforms define clothing options. Schools claim that when students come in uniforms, it improves discipline and leads to academic gains. ... However, such mandatory policies that decide what students can or cannot wear to schools, have led to free speech violations lawsuits.Do school uniforms take away students individuality? In some of these schools, however, they are also forced to dress in school uniforms. ... In America's high schools, students should not be forced to wear uniforms because they take away a student's sense of individuality, they do not allow for self-expression, and they absolutely do not save families any money.
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