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Super Hero for a Day (click to view all responses)

There are so many Super Heroes we see on TV/ Movies or read about in books. They all have special powers and solve lots of problems. Imagine that you had the chance to become a Super Hero for a day, who would you want to be? and what would you do? Post your response and see what others want to do.

 MSB   3977 Views   | 135 Replies Date: 2016-10-02  |
If I Am A Super Hero, Then 1.I Will Search All The Super Heroes And We All Together Help The People In Needs. 2.If There Is Still Corruption In India Then We All Together Stop It . 3. If There Are Kidnaps And Murders I Will Know It Before And Help Them. 4.I Will Stop The Deforestation And Advice To Grow Plants. 5.If There Is Flood Or Cyclone Or Any Other Natural Disaster I Will Save The People. 6.I Will Go To The Poor Villages And With All The Techologies I Will Develop The Villages. THAN YOU FOR READING AND PLEASE GIVE ME A VOTE.
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Which is your favourite sport and why? (click to view all responses)

Sports help us stay fit, learn skills like group work, strategy, planning etc. Not everyone likes the same sport, though. Tell us which is your favourite sport and why.

 MSB   5559 Views   | 140 Replies Date: 2016-09-08  |
Of all the outdoor games, my most favorite is cricket. This game has been popularly accepted in India in recent years since India?s good performance in international cricket. The game of Cricket is played on a large oval-shaped ground. Each team comprises of eleven players. After the toss, players of one team goes for batting and the players of the other team bowl in turn. Also, there are fielders who stop balls and return it. The batmen starts batting and defend the deliveries of the bowlers. The game may be of a One-day match or a Test-match for five days. The duration for test-matches are generally five days. In a test match, each team gets two innings to play. In a One-day match (also limited overs cricket), each team typically gets 50 overs to play. In case of Twenty20 format, the team bowls for 20 overs each. The Twenty20 cricket format is also played for one day and the results are declared on the same day. The team that scores more runs wins the match. The captains of both the teams play significant role in such a game. There are two umpires whose opinion and decision are to be accepted by the players of both the teams. Like other games, cricket is also a toilsome game and the practice of it keeps the players fit and healthy physically. Excellent team spirit and sense of discipline can be developed by joining and practicing this game. Deep concentration and determination are necessary to gain perfection. This game is regarded as the valuable and dignified one.
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Arts or Science? (click to view all responses)

There has always been a fight about what is more important - Science or Art. What according to you is more important? Type in your views and see how is winning it?

 MSB   2585 Views   | 88 Replies Date: 2016-09-03  |
The use of arts is we can make all the hearts happy by giving Greetings and Gifts with a beautiful arts and make our homes more decorative and neat.So,i like art and crafts and making art is my best hobby
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Quality of life (click to view all responses)

Everything around is changing pretty fast because of technology. The question that comes up is "has the quality of life increased or decreased because of technology?". Type in your views and debate with students from across the world.

 MSB   3224 Views   | 91 Replies Date: 2016-08-25  |
the standard of health, comfort, and happiness are the three things needed for a good quality of life .in my view because of technology quality of life has been increased as many members can do their work comfortably by which they can enjoy in working that leads to proper care of our health . i think that technology has many advantages until we use it in a proper manner.
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The best thing about My School (click to view all responses)

Every school is special. Each school has its own uniqueness. What makes your school special? What is it that makes any school special? Enter your views and have a healthy discussion.

 MSB   9000 Views   | 499 Replies Date: 2016-08-08  |
Hi everyone! School is just amazing for every student even if he study in a school with all facilities or without anything. The other thing that every student loved in school is there friends. This is one ofthe best memory for every student. Other thing that makes special are our lovely teachers. They are just behave like our friends .Thinking our school as best and it's SRI CHAITANYA TECHNO SCHOOL.
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Which is your favourite subject and why? (click to view all responses)

You are taught different subjects in your school. No one likes all the subjects equally. Everyone has a favourite subject. What is your favourite subject and why is it your favourite? Write your views and discuss with other students in this debate.

 MSB   19401 Views   | 621 Replies Date: 2016-06-19  |
My favorite subject is computers because in this we can create games.I want to become an hacker. I can hack secrets of the criminals give that information to police.and i will talk this I the chat.

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Best quality in any friend (click to view all responses)

We are sure you have a lot of friends. What is the best quality in any friend? (example: honesty, loyalty, helping nature etc.)

 MSB   7707 Views   | 312 Replies Date: 2016-05-08  |
Hi Friends, I have a best friend who's name is jithya .she is really my best friend because she is very kind ,royal ,loyal ,kind hearted ,helpful to me.In a friendship we always have a fight against us but it is a part of friendship. Y.Deekshika
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Role of Internet in Education (click to view all responses)

Internet is playing a very important role in Education. Do you think it has a positive impact or a negative impact? Pour in your views and discuss with students from across the world. It is a great opportunity to learn and share your views.

 MSB   6103 Views   | 226 Replies Date: 2016-02-12  |

Things are changing as the world is progressing. in this modern world people are using advanced machines to do their work. Computer is the most advanced machine that people use to do their work. This particular machine is used in every field of life. Advanced techniques are used with help of computers to diagnose dangerous diseases. Advanced manufacturing techniques are used with the help of computers to manufacture the products. Computers are extensively used in the field of engineering. In past one machine was used to perform only a single task but now-a-days with the help of computers you can perform different tasks at one time. In modern business environment computers have special importance. A huge amount of time is saved due to multitasking. In business terms time is money, so if you are saving time you are saving money as well. Due to multitasking the costs of businesses have reduced. What is the meaning of multitasking? It means that running several programs simultaneously. Since modern computers typically execute instructions several orders of magnitude faster than human perception, it may appear that many programs are running at the same time even though only one is ever executing in any given instant. Multitasking may slow down a computer that is running several programs at one time. Many advanced computers are designed to share their work across many CPUs. This process is called multiprocessing. This technique is generally used in powerful computers such as super computers, mainframe computers and serves. Thus, the entire world is fully dependent on computers. Due to this factor demand of computers has been increased.

Computers have changed the way we work, be it any profession. Therefore, it is only but natural the role of computers in education has been given a lot of prominence in the recent years. Computers play a vital role in every field . thank you

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Are uniforms needed in school? (click to view all responses)

Every school has an uniform, but do you think the uniform is needed? You can either support or oppose. Write your views and debate.

 MSB   10353 Views   | 250 Replies Date: 2015-11-01  |
We know that in every school both rich and poor children study  together. Rich people may have good dresses and poor children may not have .so to show equality among all children uniforms play major role. This may not lead to any inequalities in children 
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